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Richard Flood as Ford Kellogg season 9; recurring season 8 Christian Isaiah as Liam Gallagher season 9; recurring season 8 Development[ edit ] “Shameless” was adapted from a long-running, award-winning British television drama of the same name. John Wells Productions taped a pilot episode for the cable network in December Macy stars in the lead role as Frank Gallagher. The first season officially began airing on Showtime on Sunday, January 9, Before the cold open , a main character breaks the fourth wall and berates the viewer who missed previous episodes by identifying plot points relevant to the current episode. Filming[ edit ] Initial shooting of the second season began on July 5, [17] and premiered January 8, On February 18, , the series was renewed for a fifth season. The series was initially set in Chicago’s Canaryville neighborhood on the South Side. Macy for future seasons, to make up for previous seasons in which she was paid less than Macy. The pay dispute briefly delayed work on an eighth season of the series, while she and Warner Bros.

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Bergfeldt, Ula Sharon Robinson Papers, ca. Berman, Estelle Rose and Fred S. They include correspondence from family members in California, Missouri, and Tennessee, tax receipts, promissory notes, and land papers.

trans magazin, true to its grammatical form, is a journal of multiple cross-disciplinary perspectives on architectural and urban independent student cohort from the Department of Architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETHZ manages the editorial, publishing twice a year since

UN sends team to clean up Bangladesh oil spill December 18, The United Nations said Thursday it has sent a team of international experts to Bangladesh to help clean up the world’s largest mangrove forest, more than a week after it was hit by a huge oil spill. Dead dolphin triggers fears after major Bangladesh oil spill December 14, A dead dolphin has been found in Bangladesh’s protected Sundarbans delta following an oil spill which has spread over several hundred square kilometres, heightening fears for the area’s rare wildlife.

Bangladeshis use sponges to clean oil spill threatening dolphins December 12, Bangladeshi villagers using sponges, shovels and even spoons worked Friday to clean up a huge oil spill in a protected area that is home to rare dolphins, after environmentalists warned of an ecological “catastrophe”. Bangladesh oil spill ‘threatens rare dolphins’ December 11, Bangladesh officials warned Thursday that an oil spill from a crashed tanker is threatening endangered dolphins and other wildlife in the massive Sundarbans mangrove region, branding the leak an ecological “catastrophe”.

Bangladesh development threatens fragile Sundarbans mangroves December 19, Bangladesh’s rapid development on the doorstep of the ecologically fragile Sundarbans mangrove forest means “environmental disasters” like this month’s oil spill in the massive delta are increasingly likely, experts warn. Oil spill Israel’s ‘biggest ecological disaster’ December 8, A pipeline leak in southern Israel last week has caused the country’s biggest environmental disaster, an energy expert said Monday, after estimates of the size of the spillage were raised.

Recommended for you Huge quake edges New Zealand islands closer together November 24, A destructive earthquake that struck New Zealand two years ago has left its two main islands edging towards each other, and one city sinking, according to scientists. Greenhouse gas levels in atmosphere hit new high: UN November 22, The levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the main driver of climate change, have hit a new record high, the UN said Thursday, warning that the time to act was running out.

Researchers measure carbon footprint of Canada hydroelectric dams November 22, Squatting on spongy soil, a climate scientist lays a small cone-shaped device to “measure the breathing” of a peat bog in the northern part of Canada’s Quebec province. Pacific Ocean typhoons could be intensifying more than previously projected November 21, Changes to the uppermost layer of Earth’s oceans due to rising temperatures are likely causing an increase in intense Pacific Ocean typhoons, suggesting strong typhoons may occur more frequently than scientists project in Discovery of a new gene could shed light on chemical exposure effects in humans November 21, The discovery of a new gene in zebrafish could lead to a better understanding of how exposure to chemicals leads to disease in humans, according to a new Oregon State University study.

Researchers find simple way to massively improve crop loss simulations November 21, Droughts or heat waves have consequences that spread beyond farmers anxiously watching their fields; these fluctuations in crop yields can send shockwaves through local and global food supplies and prices.

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In fact there are details within the report that really sadden the heart. The speed with which the fire took hold was graphically described as faster than a man could run. The wood roof covered with tarpaulin and sealed with asphalt itself rapidly took fire; the burning asphalt added its own fuel to the flames and injury to the spectators. The presence of the roof itself caused the fire to spread horizontally at a very fast speed.

Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is in Southern is an island country in the Indian Ocean, south of India.. Understand [] History []. Sri Lanka has more than 2, years of continuous written history by means of the Mahawansha, and was also mentioned in several ancient Indian texts.

Merneptah, the king of Egypt, boasts that he has destroyed his enemies in Canaan. Plundered is the Canaan with every evil; Carried off is Ashkelon; seized upon is Gezer; Yanoam is made as that which does not exist; Israel is laid waste, his seed is not; ANET , The word “Israel” here is written in Egyptian with the determinative for people rather than land ANET , note This implies that Israel did not have a king or kingdom at this time.

This would be the time of the judges. The text also implies that Israel was as strong as the other cities mentioned, and not just a small tribe.

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All News Press Release: In addition, the weekend will offer three panel discussions, beginning with one on September 30, plus a series of breakout sessions. A complete schedule is attached, and updated details can be found at http: All of the companies, selected by lottery, are members of A.

Shela J. Patrickson, Dorothy Sack, Andrea R Hoffmann, David A. Richards, R. Lawrence Edwards, Walter A. Neves and Hai Cheng, U-series dating and taphonomy of Quaternary vertebrates from Brazilian caves, Depositional history and evolution of the Paso del Indio site.

He is a hybrid wolfdog. Or maybe some coyote, no one knows. He is drop-dead gorgeous and is flat out terrified of strangers. It made me happier than I can say that after two hours after I arrived in the house he relaxed enough to lie down only a few feet away from me, albeit with a table between us. Maybe it was because I did lots of look aways, yawned a lot, avoided eye contact and kept my voice down. Maybe not, but I hereby admit to being thrilled to be in the same room with him, and was absolutely overwhelmed by his beauty.

I got to meet Bits only because it was the day of the annual veterinary visit at Grey Wolf Rescue. Bits is on a leash only because he is about to be vaccinated and have blood drawn to check for tick-borne diseases, and for one brief moment he looked directly at me and I snapped the picture. The two that I remember best were both adolescents: While we talked, she climbed on the table, then the top of the couch, chewed on my hair, began eating my notebook, then played with the coffee cups, then squatted to pee, then lept at the blinds and pulled them down.

Of course we intervened whenever possible, but it was like trying to stop water coursing over a water fall. It did not end well. The couple eventually realized that there was no way they could manage a wolfdog and tried to find her a place to go.

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Susan An interesting peeing situation: My friend Stacy and I and her 6 yr daughter were at the shore for the July 4th holiday actually the 5th just for the day. We didn’t hit much traffic going down, but were stuck in a lot of crawling traffic coming home. We were on the road coming home for about an hour and with all the traffic it probably was going to take another two hours before we got home and her daugther Hanna said she needed to pee.

Past Guests on Fighting for Love & Prescriptions for Healing Conflict political science, conflict studies, urban studies, and other social sciences at a number of colleges and universities including Southwestern University School of Law, Antioch University, Occidental College, USC and UCLA. The site now boasts thousands of advice and.

A man and woman reach for the same pair of black cashmere gloves. But in its blatant attempt to reverse engineer the romantic comedy canon, the film buys into a “what if” fantasy of true love where fate has the power to transcend the unsentimental randomness of everyday life. Like its cinematic namesake, Serendipity grew from the idea that social interaction in large-scale spaces of congregation — cities — is in theory limitless, but in practice bounded.

A sea of unknown people surrounds us, but routine shapes our social lives. Photo by Nicole Huber. Image courtesy of trans. Urban sociologists have long explored this disconnect — the city as a world of strangers marked by the paradoxical presence of closeness and distance. For Bech, this tension manifests as a full-blooded, “omnipresent sexualization”, with much of what we understand as modern sexuality only possible within the pulsing life spaces of the city[2].

And movement through this world has an eroticized edge.

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The coastal confined aquifer in the Gulf of Urabá (Colombia) is an important water source for the banana agro‐industry as well as for urban and rural communities. However, the main processes controlling recharge and mixing in the aquifer are still poorly understood.

Much has changed since the protests that heralded the Arab Spring, sparked by a dispute between a government inspector and a vegetable seller in Tunisia , began exactly five years ago. Large parts of the region, which once lured thousands of travellers in search of fascinating history and culture, and dramatic landscapes, are now off-limits, according to the Foreign Office.

Visiting countries against the Foreign Office’s advice is not illegal – but adequate travel insurance will be hard to come by, consular assistance may be limited or non-existent – and, of course, you will be risking your safety: We look at how the globe has shrunk for travellers since December – and outline what incredible attractions you can and can’t visit. As Tunisia emerged from weeks of violent protest with a democratically elected government in , the Foreign Office relaxed temporary travel restrictions.

Alistair Burt, then Minister for the Middle East and North Africa, praised political reform and the hope for stability through free and fair elections. Tunisia’s white beaches were famed among winter sun holidaymakers AP Those who enjoy poking around ruins could head to the Unesco World Heritage-listed Roman ruins at Carthage on the Gulf of Tunis, and the 3rd-century Roman amphitheatre El Djemm, which once seated 30, people, and stay in troglodyte guesthouses.

Winter sun — temperatures remain around 16C, even in darkest January, could be found at beach resorts such as Djerba, or in little Mediterranean villages such as Sidi Bou Said. In March, gunmen killed 22 people at the Bardo Museum in Tunis , famed for its fantastic mosaic collections. The attack was claimed by Isil, as was the later massacre in June at the beach resort of Port el-Kantaoui, in which 38 tourists – mostly Britons – were killed.

The Foreign Office changed its travel advice, warning against all or all but essential travel to the whole country.

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Swahili, Congo [swc] Location: The Swahili are a mixed group of people speaking closely related forms of Bantu speech, living on islands and coastal areas of East Africa from Brava Baraawe , Somalia, to Kilwa, Mozambique and the Comoro Islands. Not all the dialects are mutually intelligible, while some Swahili dialects are mutually intelligible with dialects of Giryama, spoken along the coastal ridge in Kenya.

One community of people, called the Ngwana Wangwana , whose mother tongue is Swahili, live in Democratic Republic of the Congo formerly Zaire. The Swahili community developed as a people group as Arab and Persian traders established business contacts and married local women on the East African coast. This was probably around AD though some scholars think there were Arab settlements before the advent of Islam.

Nov 18, – Rent from people in Shela, Kenya from £16/night. Find unique places to stay with local hosts in countries. Belong anywhere with Airbnb.

A Facebook group needs strong leadership and clear direction if you want it to succeed. Launching a successful Facebook group is a definite art. It has to be compelling and dynamic and press peoples emotional hot buttons. Get a striking image and then use photo shop to add some text on top of the picture. Make sure it can still be read when it is reduced in size. Groups go viral because people invite their friends to join. In that case find another friend and launch together. Make them a group admin too.

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